House Speciality Appetizers & Signature Rolls

Spicy Garlic Tuna
Seared and peppered tuna sliced and served on a fried wonton with sweet and spicy sauce.

Fried Jalapeno and Shrimp
Hot peppers stuffed with shrimp and seafood stuffing gently fried and served with teriyaki sauce.

Salmon and Crab Cakes
Two cakes with salmon and crab served with a sweet chili sauce.

BBQ Ribs
Dipped in Asian style sweet glaze

Phoenix Roll
Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, topper with avocado, seared tuna, tobiko and eel sauce.

Fantastic Roll
Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside. with seared tuna, spicy salmon, avocado and tobiko on top. Garnished with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

Godzilla Roll
Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside with spicy avocado and crab on top.

Volcano Roll
Eel, avocado and cucumber inside with spicy tuna and black tobiko on top.

Perfect Match Roll
Lobster salad, avocado and cucumber inside, topped with fresh mango slices, mango sauce, and black tobiko.

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